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The WonderGate is a PPP Internet adapter for the WonderSwan, utilizing a PDC-standard mobile phone as a modem.


All command communication uses the following format over 9,600 baud UART:

Offset Length Description
$00 1 Command type
$01 1 Zero?
$02 1 Remaining length (from $03 onwards)
$03 1 Command
$04 ... Parameters

The following command IDs will be provided in the Type:Command format.

Check PDC status ($01:$00)

Initialize adapter ($01:$02)

Dial phone number ($01:$08)

Hang up ($01:$0A)

Set PPP login/password ($01:$10)

Set DNS servers ($01:$11)

Get adapter status ($02:$01)

Deinitialize adapter ($0F:$FF)

Create socket ($11:$01)

Connect to socket ($11:$03)

Close socket ($11:$07)

Get host name/IP address ($11:$08)

Read line from socket ($11:$0D)

Write bytes to socket ($11:$0E)

Read bytes from socket ($11:$0F)


Software Hostname
MobileWonderGate (web browser) bpl01.mopera.ne.jp
Pocket Fighter
Rainbow Islands - Putty's Party
Star Hearts
Terrors 2 terrors2.wgg.channel.or.jp