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The WonderWitch is an official homebrew development kit released by Qute Corporation on July 18th, 2000.


The WonderWitch cartridge is based on the Bandai 2003 mapper. It provides an RTC, as well as NOR self-flashing functionality using the Fujitsu MBM29DL400TC chip.

There were three ways available to acquire WonderWitch cartridges:

  • WonderWitch, a software development kit containing a reflashable cartridge, a WonderSwan<->RS-232 adapter, a development manual and a development tool CD;
  • WonderWitch Player, a priced-down user-only version omitting the development manual and tooling;
  • The VAR program, allowing independent creators to buy reflashable cartridges in bulk, in units of 20 or 100.


Interrupt vectors

Start End Description
0x00 0x07 CPU interrupts
0x08 0x0F
0x10 0x18 FreyaBIOS interrupts
0x19 0x27
0x28 0x2F SoC interrupts
0x30 0x32 FreyaOS interrupts

Memory layout

The 512KB of NOR flash memory is mapped and partitioned as follows:

Linear address Size Description
0x8nnnn 384 KB File system
0xEnnnn 64 KB FreyaOS
0xFnnnn 64 KB FreyaBIOS

Internal console RAM is generally managed by FreyaBIOS, while SRAM is managed by FreyaOS.

Development Tools