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9 September 2023

15 August 2023

  • curprev 06:1906:19, 15 August 2023Asie talk contribs 1,390 bytes +8 clarify padding format
  • curprev 06:1706:17, 15 August 2023Asie talk contribs 1,382 bytes +1,382 Created page with "FreyaOS uses XMODEM transfers to send and receive files through the serial port. These transfers do not include any file metadata by default - such as the file's name, size, permissions or creation date. As such, .fx files are used - binary files with a special 128-byte header<ref>XMODEM transfers are performed in 128-byte blocks; this allows fetching the file's metadata as the first block</ref>. == Format == {| class="wikitable" |+ Header contents |- ! Offset..."