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FreyaBIOS is a boot program and hardware abstraction layer for WonderWitch, present in the top-most (last) 64 KB of any WonderWitch cartridge.

It provides the following functionality:

  • bring-up code,
  • interrupt-based hardware abstraction layer, providing a more user-friendly (and less direct) interface to the WonderSwan hardware,
  • 8x8 ASCII and kanji fonts,
  • a monitor program, allowing FreyaOS recovery and updates via XMODEM.

Other functionality (like file system access) is instead included as part of FreyaOS' system libraries; some other functionality (like WonderSwan Color support is implemented as part of the development tooling.




As part of its ROM image, FreyaBIOS provides two fonts:

  • an 8x8 ASCII font,
  • an 8x8 Shift-JIS kanji font - ELISA FONT.


Freya Monitor