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22 August 2023

  • curprev 11:5111:51, 22 August 2023Asie talk contribs 1,652 bytes +200 adjust port category name formatting
  • curprev 10:5010:50, 22 August 2023Fiskbit talk contribsm 1,452 bytes +10 Register formatting.
  • curprev 06:2206:22, 22 August 2023Asie talk contribs 1,442 bytes +33 No edit summary
  • curprev 05:5105:51, 22 August 2023Asie talk contribs 1,409 bytes +1,409 Created page with "The WonderSwan features two timers: * Horizontal Blank Timer - counts down every horizontal blank (256 CPU cycles), * Vertical Blank Timer - counts down every frame. The timers also feature an auto-reload functionality: that is, they can be configured to fire one time or repeat periodically. == Interrupts == Each timer has its own interrupt; it is triggered when the counter would be about to count down to zero, that is when the counter's value is 1 and the timer cond..."