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22 December 2023

1 September 2023

30 August 2023

29 August 2023

27 August 2023

25 August 2023

  • curprev 16:5516:55, 25 August 2023Asie talk contribs 1,407 bytes +1,407 Created page with "The WonderSwan SoC is a single-chip solution powering the entirety of the system's hardware - containing the CPU, most peripheral logic, as well as the internal RAM. There exist three variants of the SoC: * ASWAN, used in the WonderSwan, * SPHINX, used in the WonderSwan Color, * SPHINX2, used in the SwanCrystal. A fourth variant, CAIRO, was planned. It was designed as an ASWAN with a doubled clock speed and a built-in ADPCM decoder, but was never licensed for a commer..."